Wig Life

Yes, You Need Model Model Rex

Every wig has a purpose. The beauty of the versatility of wigs is that you can switch it up for any occasion. Date night? Check. Work? Check. Throw it on and go to the grocery store? Check. Sometimes you just need a style that keeps it casual and cute. Lets be real, 22 inches of dramatic wand curls is not always necessary for a Monday afternoon. Unless thats just you, then by all means, slay!

Throw on and go

Model Model Rex is one of those throw on and go wigs. Perfect for the office and everything in between. This wig has a layered cut and a natural texture that just might have some people fooled. It comes in a variety of natural color mixes as well. I chose the 1B/30 mix, it has just the right amount of highlights throughout.

Unit construction

Lets talk about the unit construction. The cap size is large, a wig grip is suggested to keep the cap snug on your head. The parting space looks good with no manipulation. I used pressed powder, Mac Studio Fix in NW50, to bring a little color to the lace. To really make this unit yours, you can pluck the part.

Video reivew

Checkout my video to see Model Model Rex in action. You might be inspired to add her to your wig rotation or use it as an everyday style. If you’re new to wigs, this is an excellent beginner unit!


Tell me below what your favorite go to unit is. I’m always looking for suggestions!

xo, Lachelle