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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Hair Color

There’s the hair color you’re born with and then there’s the hair color you choose.  Some people switch it up, they find another color they like and they stick with  it.  Others are chameleons that change their hair color with their mood and style.  Yet still, there are those of us who stick with the color they’re born with. I used to be the latter, that is until I discovered hair color. What I wish everyone knew about hair color is that you can safely experiment with it! There are no limits.

Trials and Tresses

To be fair, plenty of people knew that they could experiment with hair color before I had the bright idea to do so. The million dollar hair industry can attest to that. People pick up a box of hair dye or book a coloring appointment with a stylist every single day. My first experience with hair color came when I was just in 10th grade. I still remember the color to this day, Cherrywood by Dark and Lovely. I’d begged my mom to dye my hair and despite her warnings and cautionary advice, I’d remained adamant that dyeing my hair was a decision I was sure about.

Long story short, I broke my hair off using that box dye at home. I’d just gotten a relaxer a few weeks prior and my hair could not handle the stress of yet another chemical process. Even with my hair snapped smooth off and an awkward red hair color, my mother did not even say a single “I told you so.” The error of my know it all teenage ways haunted me well into my adult life. Once I got my hair cut and had to grow it back, I never looked at hair dye again. My hair remained black, but at least it was on my head!

A New Option

I went through another drastic hair change, this time it worked out in my favor. I went natural in August of 2014. Fresh out of the salon chair with a big chop, I was happy to sport my twa but still in search of style options. Enter in YouTube and protective styles. I’d found a lot of awesome ladies reviewing wigs on YouTube and there were so many options! I’d watch all the reviews and order my wigs from online suppliers that I thought I could wear. Of course, they’d always be black, color 1B to be specific.

I would see these YouTube divas rocking colorful wigs; blonde, red, caramel, pink, blue, purple. I’d always agree that they looked good in them but I could never do that. No way could I, the one who snapped her hair off with the awkward red color years ago, look remotely good in a colorful wig. Somewhere along the way, I decided to try some highlights. I mixed in a little brown highlights into my wigs, so I would order a 1B/30 mix. That looked good on me! Suddenly, I was interested in trying more color, just like all those years ago.

Fearlessly Colorful


My first non black wig was a purple bob.  After I got that wig and it looked good on me, there was no turning back! The wigs I wear are so affordable, its easy to try a new hair color with less risk. Dont forget that colored wigs are a damage free way to try hair color. With those two factors, its easy to see why you can experiment with color without fear!

I have yet to get into blonde hair yet, but it is a color I will be trying. Its just a matter of finding a shade flattering to my skin tone. Don’t let skin tone or fear of hair damage hold you back from experimenting with your hair color! You might just find yourself loving being a redhead, a blonde or brunette!

Click here to watch my hair playlist on YouTube! I’ve documented all my hair trials and colors there.

Are you feeling the style switch up with wigs? Whats your favorite hair color?

xo, Lachelle

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