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So you’ve decided the #wiglife is for you, congratulations! So many options, so little funds! How do you try all of these styles without breaking the bank? You’re probably thinking you should head down to your local beauty supply store. I’m not going to stop you, go ahead. Whatever you do, don’t buy a wig from your local BSS without checking online first. Let me tell you why.

Your local beauty supply is a great place to discover wigs and try them on. Often times, they are much cheaper online. Online beauty supply stores have those same wigs for sometimes as much cheaper as half the price!

Use YouTube reviews as a point of reference. Try the wig on in the store. Know that wigs often look different from the stock card (the card showing the wig on a model).

Here is my list of top online beauty supply retailers, in no particular order. It’s also worth it to sign up for their email lists or follow these sites on social media because they will sometimes post discount codes or coupons.

Sams Beauty

Hair Stop and Shop

Elevate Styles

Wig Types

Hair to Beauty




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