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Reminder: Glasses Can Be Your Best Accessory

Glasses can be your best accessory. Yes, I said glasses. Spectacles, frames, bifocals, trifocals, whatever you call them. For some, myself included, glasses double as a necessity and an accessory. You may choose to wear glasses instead of contact lenses or get surgery and that’s okay.

Glasses are available in unlimited options and price points.

Emphasis on the price point. Take it from someone who has worn glasses since she was in elementary school. Theres the eye exam, then the cost of the frames and lenses. Dont even get started on the price of lenses, because for those of us who wear high index lenses, there are add ons galore. Dont wont your glasses to be thick as telescope? Upgrade. Oh you want scratch resistant? Upgrade. Oh you would not like to blind people with the glare of your glasses? Upgrade.

Since you are going to be wearing these every day, you also want stylish frames. Something with flair and style! Maybe even a name brand you like. By the time it’s all said and done, you are looking at a hefty price tag for something you kind of, okay absolutely need, to get through your day, every day.

Trying something new

After my last eye exam, I decided that I would try a new retailer for my glasses. Frustrated with spending up to 400 dollars on one single pair of glasses, I decided to shop around outside of my usual places. I decided to try America’s Best Eyeglasses, which I had been seeing a lot of commercials for. Now, being a veteran eyeglass wearer , I was under no assumptions that I would be getting two pair for 69.95. (Ha, not with my prescription!) However, I was determined to pay less than 400 dollars.

Prescription in hand, I browsed racks and racks of frames. If you know like I know, trying to shop for frames is hard because you have to visualize what they would look like with your prescription on your face. In addition to my goal of not overpaying, I also wanted to explore getting some frames outside of my normal color range of black or brown. I finally located a pair of purple and blue (!) Guess frames that I thought would switch things up a little bit. I tried them on and the rest is history.

I made a You Tube review video if you are interested in seeing more about the glasses I picked and my experience with America’s Best. Click here, if you are interested.

Glasses are an accessory!

Glasses may be necessary, but you can have fun with them. Make them an accessory! That means make them fit your face and style. Just because they are on your face, doesn’t mean you have to be plain or hideous. There are metal or plastic frames and they come in various shapes. There are square, rectangle, cat eye, oval. Find the combination that flatters your face.

Try retailers that offer frames and lenses at lower price points. This opens up the possibility to buy more than one pair. You will have options and be able switch your look up.  The reason people love accessories is because they switch up your look for less!

Project confidence in your glasses! Finding the right pair will obviously give your vision clarity. However, when you look good, you feel good!

Tell me your experience with glasses or show me your glasses style! Let me know if you have any places that you shop for cute glasses.

xo, Lachelle

7 thoughts on “Reminder: Glasses Can Be Your Best Accessory

  1. Glasses are the true accessory. I have been wearing them since I was eight. I purchased a pair of vintage style frames from Amazon ($9.00) and had my eye doctor put a single lens in them for reading and computer. This way I do not have to use my tri-focals and play that “up and down” head game while trying to read or type. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. I like to find a good deal on glasses myself. I usually shop at Walmart in their vision department for my exam and my frames. They do not have a wide variety of frames to choose from in my opinion. Some of the frames I’ve gotten from them are cute though. I currently have a cheetah print pair. I am hoping to switch my style up and try a new shape and style.

  3. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 6 years old. They are apart of me and I don’t mind. I like how you took your time to find the right pair for you because they have to match who you are. I also think that they are an investment in yourself.

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