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Not Your Grandma’s Wig: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for New Wig Wearers

If the word wig still brings images of stiff unmovable hair hats to mind, then I have news for you. See that  gorgeous celeb hair picture you saved on your pinterest board to try later or that perfect hairstyle you you double tapped to show love on Instagram? That was probably a wig. Yes, wigs are having a major moment in hair culture right now.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Don’t call it a comeback, wigs have never disappeared. Wigs will always be a styling option for many reasons. Commitment free hair styling may be among the top reasons to try a wig out for yourself. If you’ve had long hair for a while and you’re anxious to try out a short cut, you can explore short hair looks without booking a salon trip or touching any shears at all. Try a short wig and see how you like the cut, how it frames your face or how it changes your look. Alternatively, lets say you have short hair already and are wondering how you would look with longer locks. Add inches to your hair in an instant, literally minutes, with a wig. You’ll have the option of new longer hair styles that you may not have been able to achieve with your shorter hair. Want to go blonde, black, brown…even pink or purple? Put that box of hair dye down! Don’t even consider it since you have the option of wigs being a totally chemical free, safe way to experiment with all the colors of the rainbow. You’d be hard pressed to find a hair color that you couldn’t find a wig option for.

Protective Styling Dream

Wigs are  an excellent protective styling option for keeping your own hair healthy. Protective styling is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a style that protects your own hair from tangling, shedding, breaking and exposure to the elements. Wigs can take the coloring, heat styling tools and daily manipulation and keep on kicking. Curl, flat iron, cut and even color your wigs with out any risk of damage to your own hair. The ultimate trade off of protective styling is that you get to experiment with hairstyles and still maintain the health of your own hair.

Value and Versatility

It may have seemed the best looking wigs have been reserved for celebrity red carpet events or for those who had lots of cash to spend on a personal wig maker. Fear not, today’s trendiest wigs are more accessible than ever at reasonable price points in variety of cuts, colors and styles. To keep it simple for first time wig wearers I recommend trying a synthetic wig. Their low price point offers you the option to try them and see if you even like wearing a wig. Synthetic wig are offered by some of the top hair lines in the business, these are not your plastic Party City costume wigs. Synthetic wigs are easy to stay on trend with because of the price. Dying to try mermaid green hair, bold purple curls or unicorn pink beauty waves? There is a wig for that. Even better, You Tube  offers tons of reviews on wig from real people who have worn and styled the wig you may have your eye on. Use wig related hashtags to find the latest styles.

Synthetic hair

You have the option of getting a synthetic, synthetic-human hair blend or 100% human hair wig. Synthetic wigs are wigs made of hair like fibers. Most synthetic wigs are low maintenance because they don’t require much styling, they style that the wig comes in is usually how it will stay. For instance a wavy bob synthetic wig will look like the style you purchased directly out of the package. They are also the cheapest option when it comes to wigs. Since they are not human hair, they tend to be very affordable to purchase. However, they may not last as long as other wig options because the fibers tend to tangle easier, especially with longer length styles.

Synthetic-human hair blend

Synthetic-human hair blend wigs offer a a mixture of hair fibers and human hair mixed together. These tend to last a little bit longer than synthetic hair wigs and offer a bit of quality upgrade for less than full human hair wig prices. They also have low maintenance styling because these wigs tend to retain styles just like synthetic wigs.

Human hair

Human hair wigs are made from 100% human hair and can be considered an investment due to the price.  Human hair wigs do take more effort to style because just like the hair that grows from your head, they are subject to external factors affecting them. For example, they may frizz up on a humid day depending on the type of human hair the wig is made of.

Before You Get Started

Ready to go out and buy a wig right now? If you’re anxious to try a wig and you have never worn one before, there are a couple of essentials you will need to protect your real hair and also keep your wig looking as  good as possible. Remember, just because its a wig does not mean you don’t need take care  of your hair underneath!  Here are the top 5 essentials for a new wig wearer to easily transfer into wigs.

Wig Cap

Wig caps are a multipurpose essential. They are great protective barriers between your hair and the wig, especially for those with sensitive scalps. You place the wig cap over your real hair before putting on a wig to to keep your real hair as flat as possible. It also aids in keeping your wig secure. Wig caps come in a variety of colors, meant to simulate a variety of flesh tones. If your wig has a parting space that mimics a part such as one on a real hair style, having a wig cap close to your skin tone can help with keeping your wig looking natural as possible,

This is an example of a wig cap that comes in black, natural or brown: Wig Cap

Wig Grip

Wig security was mentioned earlier, but one of the main concerns of new wig wearers is the security of the wig! How will it stay on my head? Can it come off easily? These are two reasonable questions for new wig wearers, nobody wants to constantly dread the wig coming off. Fortunately, there is a solution called the wig grip. This is a 100% cotton band that goes on under your wigs that provides the ultimate security for wig wearers. There’s no need to use any tape, combs or bobby pins to secure your wig with this band in place. It also protects the edges of your hair from rubbing against the wig. Highly recommend this for new wig wearers.

Check out this highly rated  Wig Grip

Wig Stand

You will need some place to store your wig when its not on your head. Simply snatching it off and throwing it wherever isn’t the best strategy. You will end up with a tangled mess! To keep your wig in good shape and extend the life of the style, store your wig on a wig stand. There are collapsible options that dont take up a lot of space. They conveniently fold down when not in use, so they’re great for day to day wig storage and also for traveling.

Check out this wig stand: Wig Stand

Wig Comb/Brush

The combs and brushes made for wigs are designed to be gentler on the fibers. Using your normal brush or comb could be too rough and pull the fibers or hairs right out of the wig! Using a wig styling tool will help with easier detangling. Remember when brushing or combing your wig, always start from the bottom and go up. Tip to root brushing can reduce snags and tangles.

Here is a wig brush you can try: Wig Brush

Fabric softener

Finally the last essential and this may come as a shock. Fabric softener is an excellent maintenance product for synthetic wigs!  You may be wondering why you need a laundry staple to put on your wig. Fabric softener revives old, tangled wigs, specifically synthetic wigs. Remember synthetic wigs are not real human hair! Fabric softeners works to reduce frizz and fly aways on synthetic wigs. They don’t need the same shampoo and conditioner you would use on real hair.  Simply mix equal parts fabric softener and cold water in a spray bottle and revive your synthetic wig. You can place the wig on a wig stand and after spraying mixture from tip tp root, use a wig brush to smooth out tangles .  Let the wig air dry on the wig stand. If you’re worried about walking around with your head smelling like a fresh load of laundry, remember to use unscented conditioner.

For a scent free conditioner, try this one: Fabric Softener

Are you ready and confident to wear a wig now?

There you have it, the top 5 products to help new wig wearers transition into the wonderful world of wigs! With these tools you’ll be on your way to wearing wigs with confidence and ease. Wigs should not be looked at as an old fashioned option. These days, wigs are the go to styling option for trying the latest trends, protecting the health of your natural hair and experiment with styles commitment free! Give wigs a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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