Money Moves: Top 3 Financial Advisors for Women

Nothing at all is fabulous about being broke! Living fabulously is all about making smart, informed money moves. Before you know it, in a few months I’ll be 30 years old. That means I will have a little over a decade in the work game. I’ve held a job of some sort since I turned 18 and looking back, I can’t tell you what I’ve bought with all that money. Sad, but true. Since 30 is a milestone birthday for many, myself included, I’ve decided one of my top, if not the top priority was to get my money right.

I Didn’t Get A Head Start In Life

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I came from a working class family. Although I was born to young parents, I do mean young (as in teenage young), I think I got a good, basic foundation about money management. Even as young as they were, they taught me to save for a rainy day. I’m grateful for those early lessons in having a fall back fund because it certainly stuck with me through my adult years. On my first full-time job fresh out of college, I saved $100 dollars from my check, just because. It wasn’t much but I had a little nest egg for emergencies.

Despite being taught the essentials of how to pay bills timely and save, I knew there was information that I was lacking. Financial literacy encompasses so much more than those basic principles, but I didn’t know what I was missing. I knew people were out there making their money work for them, making money in their sleep. I set out to find resources on everything money related. I wanted to know about credit, investing and debt repayment.

Getting Help With My Finances

Initially, I turned to well-known financial gurus. Flipping channels on TV, I’d seen the Suzie Orman show on MSNBC and I’d heard about this guy, you may know him as Dave Ramsey. Suzie Orman delivers financial knowledge in a very relatable way. I like her persona and delivery. Her “Can I Afford It?” segment on her TV show manages to be a serious but engaging financial reality check. Dave Ramsey introduced me to the snowball method, which is a debt reduction strategy that teaches you to pay your debts from smallest to largest.

Both of these financial gurus are excellent resources and I wont discredit them. However, my financial journey really took off when I discovered and connected with communities of people who looked like me. Women, women of color, women passionate about paying off debt and building wealth. I found these people through social media! Sometimes, these platforms are great for more than just scrolling though memes and funny videos.

Top 3 Financial Resources

The Budgetnista

Instagram: The Budgetnista

Facebook: Live Richer Group


Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is the first woman I began following on Instagram who knew her stuff about money. I signed up for her Live Richer challenge to learn all about credit. During this 21 day challenge, I was able to learn the basics of credit, what affects it and how to improve my credit score. Her Facebook group offers ton of insight, support and information from thousands of women all over the world on a journey to get their finances straight. Everything from job leads to make extra money for debt repayment, to credit score improvement tips and homeowner advice is posted here.

Clever Girl Finance

Instagram: Clever Girl Finance


YouTube: Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance was started by Bola Onada Sokunbi as financial empowerment resource for women to get out of debt and build wealth. I enjoy the real stories and down to earth advice she provides. Her YouTube channel is full of interviews with real women who’ve done amazing things such as pay off six figure debt, learn to invest and establish true financial freedom in a few short years. Bola is extremely transparent and does not sugar coat hard work it will take. Still, you walk away from her blog or YouTube video feeling extremely motivated. I listen to her to stay on track. Aggressively paying down debt requires you to keep the course and Clever Girl Finance has enough ambitious inspiration for your journey.

Stock and Stilettos Society

Facebook Group: The Stock and Stiletto Group


I feel forever indebted to Cassandra Cummings, creator of the Stocks and Stilettos Society for giving me enough information and confidence to invest in the stock market. Investing is a way to build wealth that no one I knew personally could teach me about. When you knowing nothing, absolutely nothing, I suggest you begin here. Cassandra uses her blog, online courses and active Facebook group to teach women how to step into stock market investing.Keep an eye out for her Slay With Stocks Challenge, which is a 21 day course that teaches you the basic terminology of the stock market and breaks down tasks into actionable steps!


There you have it! My favorite resources to help you get your money right in 2018 and beyond! You could be hitting a major milestone like me, or just decided it time. Time to stop wasting money and playing games. It costs you nothing to check these out. Leave me a comment if you are on or will be starting a financial freedom journey. I’d love to hear your story. Lets make money moves!


xo, Lachelle


16 thoughts on “Money Moves: Top 3 Financial Advisors for Women

  1. Great post, I’m a financial adviser in real life (lol) and these are great resources you’ve provided. I especially love the Stocks and Stiletto’s group and swear by the Budgetnista! So, I totally agree with this list.

  2. Will check these out it won’t hurt to learn more. I am familiar with the budgetnista, great things to say about her. The last 2 I am interested to get to know.

    1. Yes you’re already in the know following the budgetnista! The others are great to. Simple, easy to read and they are very accessible. They reallyyyyy helped me out. Thank you for reading 😊❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing these resources! I will be graduating college soon, so I will for sure keep this post tucked away and utilize these lovely women to help me on my new finicial journey.

  4. This was such a great read. Aside from a junior achievement class in the second grade, I can’t ever remember being taught about managing finances. After graduating this past May, I’m regretting not having anything to show for my money besides paying off a car. I’m gonna check out some of them on Instagram and start taking notes. Thanks for a great read!

  5. This most is helpful because I’m 20 and I know how to manage my money but I would like to know better ways to manage money and to make more then what I’m making. So I’m definitely going to check out those people.

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