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Honey Ombre Wavy Bob Under $25!

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If wigs could have a good year, then Chasty had a good 2017 no doubt about it. If you’re into the #wiglife and an avid user of Facebook, you need to be in a wig group. Yes, wig groups exist on Facebook. They are communities of wig slayers who share their latest purchases and looks.

There are wigs that get a lot of attention, breakout stars if you will. 2017 had everyone in the wig community rocking blunt cut bobs. So many of the major hair companies released blunt cut bobs in an array of lengths, colors and textures. Bob season is all year long if you ask me. Bobs are cool to wear the winter, spring, summer or fall. While blunt cut bobs may or not be here to stay, the bob itself is a staple in the hair community.

Fan favorite

Chasty was a favorite in all the wig groups. Everyone that bought her pretty much loved her. I liked all the pictures I saw of her, she flattered so many people. It wasn’t until I saw a YouTube review from Wigs 2 Waist Length that I actually began to have FOMO (fear of missing out). She looked so good in Chasty, the OP27 color, that I immediately thought, “I need this wig!”.

Believe The Hype

This bob is full of soft, tousled waves that frame any face shape beautifully.  The messy waves and  angled cut make for a super sexy look. This unit does have a silky texture. I usually go for yaki textured wigs, but this one is an exception.  Don’t be afraid of the texture, this does not disappoint, its not shiny at all. Chasty is a good option if you’ve been wanting to try a lighter color. The wig does come in some amazing color mixes. They all look super natural because they start with dark roots. If you would like to see her in action, I posted a YouTube review on my channel.

Verdict on Chasty? She does live up to the hype. You’ll need her if you don’t have it already. I purchased this unit from Amazon for under 25 dollars.

Also, if you are an avid wig wearer and you don’t have a wig grip, what are you waiting on? They are a life saver in terms of comfort and security.

What do you think about Chasty?



10 thoughts on “Honey Ombre Wavy Bob Under $25!

  1. Thank you for sharing your review. That wig is so beautiful on you. Wigs seem to be the thing. I may have to give them a try. And under $25 is right in my first time price range.

  2. I really love this wig and it will be my next purchase. I have been watching it for a while. Your post sealed the deal. The color you have us Beautiful and I will purchase it in that color. Great post.

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