Wig Life

Everyday Hair by Sensationnel


I love wigs. #Wiglife. Wigs allow you to switch up your style with little to no damage to your real hair. You can go from blonde to blue and everything in between with the many options available today. Always wanted to know what you looked like with short hair? Try a wig to see what you’d look like. Your cut, color, and length options are limitless.

Another reason that wigs are my go to hair styling option is that you can try all the styles  on a budget. If you want to find some affordable wigs and you’re not sure where to start, see my list of sites I shop for hair online.

If you’re new to #wiglife, lets start with a simple but beautiful unit I picked from a sale on DivaTress. This one is by Sensationnel and its called Gianna. Check out the video below.


xo Lachelle