3 Reasons I’m Not Celebrating Christmas Traditionally This Year

December 25, 2017 will arrive with little to no fanfare for me this year. Before you go thinking I’m a grinch, let me explain why. Although, you may get to the end of this post and still think I’m a grinch. Its all a toss up. Lets get into the reasons.


At 29 years of age, I can honestly say the things I want and value cannot be purchased.

I realize that sounds very, very cliche. Groan if you want to, its absolutely true. I desire a happy family, good health and a healthy dose of self confidence. Money can buy you  a lot of things, but it cannot purchase happiness. Happiness does not have a set price. You cant catch it on Black Friday, put confidence on a payment plan on QVC or put a happy family in your cart at Target. What makes me happy? Loving the skin I am in, a happy family and home life. Exercise is free.99 and contributes to a healthier me.

Giving is not limited to one day of the year.

My motto used to be that Christmas and other holidays are when you are supposed to ask for the big things you wouldn’t buy yourself. I would save my wish list, with big ticket items, for Christmas, waiting on a loved one to purchase that item for me. It’s been a good strategy for me thus far. I’ve actually gotten expensive gifts for Christmas; among those are an iPad, Kindle, television, Tiffany jewelry, etc. For a variety of reasons including increased age and increased financial stability, I’ve had no reason to save these requests for Christmas. I’ve also been able to reciprocate those gift requests I get. I believe in buying people gifts all throughout the year. Big or small, I believe in giving people flowers while they’re living. Chances are, if I love you and you are a valued person in my life, I’m getting you gifts all the time. What can I say, gift giving is my love language.

The holidays are forever changed after the passing of my father.

Not to save the sad, depressing bits for the end but my father’s passing has seriously shifted my perspective on all things life . That includes holiday celebrations. Once you lose a chunk of your life that important, you always miss them. I wonder what Christmas would be like this year with him here. I will always take time to reflect on him during these special occasions. I like to do this alone, because I never know how I’m going to process the feelings and memories. Sometimes, its quiet and I just reminisce or think of what I would say to him now. Other times, its unbearable and tears flow like a faucet. I just never know.

There you have it, the top three reasons I am not celebrating Christmas the traditional way. Some practical, some emotional,  but all my own deeply personal reasonings. Maybe my non tradition will become a tradition. Its hard to tell. I can only tell you whats going on here and now.

Do you have plans for the holiday season? Let me know.

xo, Lachelle